The Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to William Kaelin, Gregg Semenza and Peter Ratcliffe.

This morning the names of the Nobel Prize winners in medicine were revealed. This was the first announcements of the new season of 2019 and one of the most interesting, as many people believe that Greta Tunberg could become one of the most serious candidates for the prestigious world prize, which will be awarded on Friday.

The Medicine Prize will be awarded to two American researchers, William Cailin and Gregg Semyonza, and one British researcher, Peter Ratcliffe.

The reasons for this lie in the research that the three researchers conducted on how oxygen levels can affect cellular metabolism and physiological functions, and which “paved the way for new promising strategies to combat anemia, cancer and many other diseases,” as noted by the same jury.

This discovery may indeed make it possible to create new drugs that, for example, regulate our body’s cells in such a way that they adapt to changes in oxygen levels, such as excessive oxygen depletion.

William Cailin, 61, is currently a research fellow at Howard Hughes Medical School in the states, and Gregg L. Semenza works at the Johns Hopkins University Institute of Cellular Engineering.

Peter Ratcliffe, 65, works at the Francis Crick Institute in London and heads the Target Discovery Institute in Oxford.