Sounds and visual effects of slot machines increase desire to play

A study carried out by researchers at the University of Alberta focused on how the various sound or visual modes of slot machines can increase the appeal of these games and substantially induce gambling.
The result was perhaps predictable: all those little lights and sounds that these machines emit only increase the desire to play again.

For games like this, and especially LED screens, it’s been said that blue light blocking glasses can have an adverse effect on health.

The study was conducted by Marcia Spetch, a researcher at the Department of Psychology, who immediately makes it clear that this also applies to virtual slot machines, those that can be found on the Internet and which have become very popular in recent years.
Among the most “attractive” or “bewitching” sounds there are those of coins and among the images that of the dollar symbol.

All these features also make the winnings, when they happen, more “memorable”, as the researcher herself explains: “Such signals are prevalent in casinos and probably increase the appeal of slot machine gambling”.
In addition, the same researchers found that the subjects they experimented on preferred to play on slot machines that were richer in these signals and sounds, regardless of the machine’s risk level and when these sounds or visual effects appeared.

“People should be aware that their attraction and sense of victory can be biased,” explains Christopher Madan, researcher at the University of Nottingham and other author of the study, published in the journal Addiction .


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